NAM Polymers Inc. was established in 1990 with a mission to provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective distribution services to the North American plastic industry.  Currently we distribute all grades of plastic raw materials including prime, off spec, repro and regrinds. Our specialization is in poly olefins and styrene. The secret of our success is our partners, who have developed and maintained excellent recycling programs. Their commitment to recycling and reuse provides us with feed stock which is consistent and tightly controlled for quality. All our feed stock is post industrial, free of any contamination. Our customer base extends from Canada, USA, Far East, China and Asia.

Our new PET Sheet Line became operational in September 2016. Our facility is equipped with in-house shredding, grinding, blending, compounding and under water palletizing. A strict testing and quality control discipline is enforced to ensure quality and consistency of the raw material. This tight production regime enables us to meet diversified requirements of our customers.

In addition to recycling and compounding we distribute PET resin, PET and PLA sheet to North American food packaging industry.