Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) is widely used film now a days. The production of polypropylene is safe and energy proficient. “Biaxially oriented” means that the film is stretched in two different directions. We use the co-extrusion process because it makes the film totally recyclable. It is also a more efficient process. Our BOPP film is available in different grades:

Heat Sealable Films

  • BM BTS – Metallizable Base BOPP Film
  • CW DE – Two Sides Heat Sealable Film for Cigarette Wrapping
  • PG ST – Overwrapping BOPP Film
  • TAS – Anti-Fog BOPP Film
  • TMS – Matte BOPP Film
  • TSS – BOPP Film – Two Sides Heat Sealable with Low COF
  • TSY – BOPP Film – Two Sides Heat Sealable

Non Heat Sealable

  • LBL PL – Clear BOPP Film Two Sides Treated
  • PIT Plain BOPP Film – Tape Application
  • PL EG – Non-Heat Sealable Films with High Gloss and Transparency
  • Plain Non-Heat Sealable Film One Side Treated – PG
  • PLL – Non-Heat BOPP Film One Side Treated
  • SP – Slip Modified Film

Label Film

  • LB WO – White Film for Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • LBWRA – White BOPP Film for Wrap Around Label Applications
  • LLD – White BOPP Film for Wrap Around Labels
  • MVS – White Metallized BOPP Film
  • PLEG – Non Sealable Film Having Extra Gloss