Nam Polymer offers the following variety of plastic sheets:

PETG Sheet

PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) is a tough, chemical-resistant plastic can be shaped at relatively low temperatures. PETG offers the capability to produce complex shapes, precise details, deep draws and compound curves without worrying about durability.

PP Sheet

Polypropylene is known for its excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments. Our polypropylene sheet is easily welded and machined. Homo-polymer and copolymer grades are used in various applications throughout the chemical and semiconductor industries.

HIPS Sheet

Polystyrene (HIPS) sheets are available in different textures and thickness varying from 1.8 izod to 4.1 izod. They are available in extrusion and injection grade GPPS, MIPS, HIPS.

OPS Sheet

OPS (Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene Sheet) is a thermoformable sheet. OPS can be used widely for transparent containers such as lids, trays, and food containers because it has high transparency, rigidity and hygiene.

Nylon Sheet

We offer Nylon sheets in various grades like nylon6, nylon66 and cast nylon.